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Paw Paw Patisserie | June 2023

Canvas Rebel

“We had the privilege of baking for Gunther, the World’s Richest Dog and the star of the Netflix Series, “Gunther’s Millions” — Now there’s a dog who is living the good life! And we want to share a taste of that life with pups and pawrents across America!”

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Paw Paw Patisserie | Feb 2023

GoSolo Entreprenuer

“We know some people think treating dogs like family is silly, but to that we say - "Let's take it up a few notches, bring out the doggie champagne and caviar!" We are all about "Pawrents" who have no shame in giving their pups the very best lifestyle.

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Paw Paw Patisserie | Jan 2023

Shoutout Miami

Shoutout Miami | Jan 2023

“Ensuring that our products would support the health of dogs was a total non-negotiable goal for us. We use only organic ingredients, and none of the artificial additives or stabilizers you often find in dog treats.”

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Paw Paw Patisserie | Aug 2022

Voyage MIA

“Baked cakes and treats that look good, taste good, and make dogs feel good are what we set out to create, and it’s exactly what we’re so happy to be sharing with the dogs of Miami today.”

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